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Confidently Build a Profitable Landscape Design Business 
Online courses, group coaching and one-on-one consulting with an industry expert

Actionable Ideas 


Focused Assignments


Practical Tools

Overwhelmed by All the Tasks of Running a Business? 

You're in your element sitting at your drawing board, but the ins and outs of running a profitable business are a mystery. 

Spending your days doing what you love is exciting. But do you have what it takes to structure and run a landscape design business that pays the bills and feeds your family? 

[Spoiler alert: You do!] 

You simply need access to resources, coaching and a guide to walk you through the steps of running a landscape design business.
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Get Industry-Specific Coaching and Courses to Grow Your Business

Building a successful landscape design business doesn't have to be hard. Hey, we're not digging in red clay here! 

Hi! I’m Mardi Dover, award-winning garden designer and owner of Gardens by Mardi in Asheville, North Carolina. Starting a landscape design business can feel overwhelming. I’ve been there! That’s why I’m pulling back the curtain on all my insider tips for running a successful landscape design business so you can make a living doing what you love. 

Practical, Actionable Business Training for Landscape Designers  

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time to spare.

Each session or training module is full of tips and strategies you can implement immediately. 


Live Online Course 

Available twice a year, the 8-week course, The Foundations of a Landscape Design Business, covers everything you need to start or build your business. The next course launches in July 2024.


On-Demand Classes 

Get started today and work through the classes at your own pace. The Marketing Strategies class is available now. More topic-specific classes coming soon.

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Business Consulting

Work with Mardi one-on-one to tackle your specific business needs. You set the agenda and get individualized, expert advice and accountability.

These Landscape Designers are Taking Control of Their Business 

“Mardi has a wealth of wisdom and practical experience to share, and it was very helpful as I needed to make decisions and changes in my landscape design business. I so enjoyed the small community of other designers to bounce ideas off of, and to give and recieve encouragement. I highly recommend the course, especially for designers getting their start or making a shift in their business.”


Landscape Architect, California

This class is a must for anyone getting started in the business of garden design. The topics that Mardi covered made us all think about how we could structure our own businesses to incorporate systems that would streamline our workflow, develop lasting client and contractor relationships, and ensure that we have considered the various legal, professional, and licensure needs. Group discussions were an invaluable part of each class and Mardi's experience and insight made the discourse so much more meaningful and worthwhile.


Landscape Designer, West Virginia

Mardi is an engaging teacher. She has many years of experience and helpful well-organized content to share. The on-line forum was helpful, and the handouts are going to really help me going forward.


Landscape Architect, California

Set Your Business Up for Success from Day One

You know certain plants belong in certain spots in the garden. In the same way, you want to put your energy in the right places for your business. When you tend to your business well, it will flourish!   

I wasted a lot of time and energy early in my business because I didn't know what to do. I learned all my lessons the hard way and through lots of trial and error. Let me help you avoid those mistakes and set your business up for success from the start.

I've combined my garden design creativity and business acumen into online courses, community coaching and one-on-one consulting. From strategic marketing, setting up systems, and managing client relationships, it's practical and actionable advice for our industry.

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Build a Profitable Business You Love – Faster 

Choose the best course for your business needs.

The live course is a thorough overview of everything you need to set up your business. Or purchase topic-specific on-demand classes. 


Get practical, actionable training you can implement immediately.

This isn't generic business advice. This is tailor made for our landscape industry.


Build a successful landscape design business faster.

Skip the school of hard knocks and go straight to doing what you love for a living. 

Don’t spin your wheels trying to figure out how to build or grow your landscape design business by yourself. You have access to industry-specific training and tools. 

Why not get started today? 


Don't spend months or years trying to build a business alone. Instead, get expert advice, community coaching, and practical resources to build, grow and nourish a landscape design business you love.

Be Profitable Faster: 4 Systems Every Landscape Design Business Needs

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