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Proven Strategies and Tools to Build a Better Business
On-demand class specifically for the landscape design industry
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Marketing Masterclass for Landscape Designers

Attracting Profitable and Enjoyable Clients to your Practice

A complete guide to marketing your firm.

This course covers:


1. How to see your marketing efforts within the context of your business model.


2. Proven industry-specific strategies to market to your ideal client.


3. How to develop a client avatar to guide all your marketing efforts.


4. Resources for lead generators, social media prompts, content ideas, and getting great testimonials.


These practical strategies for growing your business are taught by me in five video modules. Learn at your own pace with a detailed corresponding workbook that is packed full of industry specific advice and resources that gives you a step-by-step guide to successful marketing.

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Pricing: $425


Thanks for Signing Up! The Class Release Date is June 10th.

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