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Building Relationships Early on Through Your Internet Presence

By: Mardi Dover

Trust is essential for building a strong, productive relationship with clients. And trust is built over time - requiring a consistent, multi-faceted, long-term approach. But I have found that one of the best strategies for establishing trust is to clearly communicate your brand from a common first touch point with a client – your website and social media posts.

Recall the last time you reviewed a website or an Instagram account, in preparation for deciding to buy a product or service. What about the site started the process of building trust for this firm or company? And how quickly did you decide to move onto the next site or to take a deeper dive? Most people form their first impression within a few seconds, so make the most of this window.

Your website and social media presence should be a clear indicator of the type of work you do, who your ideal clients are, and why you might be a good fit for a potential client. And your design aesthetic should be conveyed online in a beautiful, thoughtful way, reflecting what someone should expect if they become a client. Provide clear and accurate information about your services, pricing, and policies. Ask for testimonials after every project and highlight those on your website. Make sure you have consistency for your brand: logos, fonts, colors, voice, tone, and images.

I just completed a website overhaul for own design practice. Check it out here:

Is it time to fine tune your website and social media messaging?

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Martine Jaworski
Martine Jaworski
20 jul. 2023

Wow - Mardi - that is a cool, professional-looking website, with fabulous pictures of your fabulous gardens! Congratulations, Martine

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