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One-on-One Business Consulting for Landscape Design Professionals
Get advice, tools and ideas for your specific business challenges

Expert Advice


Sounding Board


Proven Practices

Your Business is Better When You Have Help
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Whether you have a budding business or you’re a long-time business owner, you need a coach. Every business owner can benefit from another perspective or a sounding board for ideas.

Drawing from over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and garden designer, Mardi Dover provides customized one-on-one consulting to both new and seasoned garden and landscape designers, landscape architects, and design-build professionals.

Get Personalized Attention and Advice for Your Business Needs

In your one-on-one sessions with Mardi, you set the agenda. Your time together is dedicated to solving problems, implementing new systems or brainstorming a new direction for your business. 

Possible topics of discussion may include:

● Clarifying your business model (niche, ideal clients).

● Creating systems and processes for your business.

● Understanding business financials and accounting.

● Managing contractor relationships.

● Applying for awards and certifications.

● Maintaining your creativity and passion.

● Dealing with overwhelm and time management.

● Improving your workflow with documents and templates.

● Managing client relationships and expectations.

● Selecting technical tools (CAD, project management, etc.).

Sure, you could spend hours researching these topics. You could invest money in programs that don’t suit your business well. You could throw up your hands in frustration. 

Or, you could work with someone who’s been in your shoes. Mardi has set up a successful garden design business in Asheville, North Carolina. Now, she’s sharing everything she’s learned so you can skip that trial and error phase and go right to doing what works.

Practical, Actionable Advice is Available

Book and pay for your introductory session. 

Spend an hour with Mardi sharing any business struggles and where you’re eager for improvement. 


Get ideas for how to move forward. 

After your introductory session, Mardi will provide her recommendations.


Keep the coaching magic going.  

Schedule a series of 5 more sessions for ongoing coaching and accountability to accomplish your business goals. 

Book your one-hour introductory session today for $300. Get ideas to make more money, enhance the client experience, or simply improve your quality of life as a business owner.

Business Coaching Tailored to the Landscape Design Industry 

Don’t settle for just any business coaching.

Work with a professional in your industry who truly knows what works (and what doesn’t).

Mardi Dover is the principal and garden designer for Gardens by Mardi in Asheville, North Carolina, An eighth-generation North Carolinian, Mardi grew up on a small farm in Marion, surrounded by animals, flower and vegetable gardens, and horse pastures, all tucked in a little valley in the Pisgah National Forest. And, so began her love of the Earth’s natural beauty and diversity.

Mardi received degrees in art history from Davidson College, social work from UNC-Chapel Hill, and garden design (with merit) from Oxford College of Garden Design in England.

​She studied English art and architecture in London and completed horticulture training at Haywood Community College.

Mardi is a Certified Professional Landscape Designer, a North Carolina Certified Plant Professional and a former North Carolina Licensed Landscape Contractor. She has received Gold and Bronze Awards in Residential Design from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Mardi currently serves on the APLD National Board.

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