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business landscape design courses

One-on-One Consulting

Business coaching for your unique needs

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Clarification of your business model

  • The who, what, when, where, and why

  • Identifying your core business values

  • Determining your niche: your ideal clients & projects

Strategic marketing

  • Networking

  • Public speaking

  • Newsletters, publications

Creating systems for your business

  • Common tasks in the design and business process

  • Time tracking and billing

  • Client relationship process

Understanding business financials

  • Paying yourself

  • Flat fees versus hourly charges

  • Charging appropriately

  • Tracking billing

  • Key financial metrics

Managing contractor relationships

  • Evaluating fit

  • Onboarding process

  • Managing expectations

  • Caring for clients through the design and installation process

Applying for awards & certifications, submitting for publications

  • Selection of projects

  • Photographing

  • Application/submission review

Creating documents to make workflow more efficient

  • Client guides to your design process

  • Proposals

  • Client questionnaires: master planning, planting
    design, container design, art Installation

  • Pre-installation questionnaires for clients &

  • Post job evaluations for clients & contractors

  • Templates for client communications

Managing client relationships

  • Finding contractors and vendors

  • Evaluating fit

  • Managing Expectations

  • Reviewing estimates and bills

  • Caring for the contractor relationship

Running the business

  • Determining scope of work

  • Creating structure for your business (insurance, legal structure, professional team)

  • Working with other design professionals

  • Managing your workday

  • Organizing your jobs

Maintaining creativity and passion

  • Your inspiration language

  • Overcoming creativity block

  • Setting up your office space

Dealing with overwhelm

  • Setting the stage for a successful design practice

  • Delegation

  • Managing time

  • Care of the designer

Selecting technological applications

  • CAD

  • Graphic design

  • Project management

  • Accounting

  • Plant material

  • Garden maintenance

A.T.  /  Landscape Designer  /  California

“Mardi has a wealth of wisdom and practical experience to share, and it was very helpful as I needed to make decisions and changes in my landscape design business." Leaf Logo

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